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Posted On: Apr 26, 2014
Making Change at Walmart

Dear Frank,

Walmart workers around the country just won a major victory -- a scheduling policy that will give them more access to the hours they need to support their families!

The importance of this victory can't be understated: you and thousands of Walmart workers and community supporters spoke out to make sure that Walmart workers aren't condemned to poverty because of Walmart's scheduling policies. And it worked!

Because of this change, Walmart workers like Frank Arnold from Minnesota will be able to earn more to support his children even with his hectic schedule caring for his mother, going to school and trying to be a good dad. This win will change lives.

That doesn't mean we're done fighting to make change. Each victory like this presents a new chance to strengthen the movement for a more just and dignified workplace for Walmart's workers.

We can't keep winning without your energy and support. Can you chip in $10 to help keep our movement going?

In the wake of a win this big, we need to strengthen our movement, not rest on our laurels. Your donation, for example, will help us continue to train Walmart workers to organize their workplaces and fight for economic justice.

Some may join the staff of Making Change at Walmart. Others will continue to organize at Walmart to call on the company to improve. Still more may be hired by other progressive organizations, where they'll continue to work for respect and dignity -- values they began fighting for during their time at Walmart.

Today you can build on this incredible victory for workers by helping us develop dozens of inspired fighters into top-notch organizers and agents of change.

Please contribute $10 to build our movement and multiply the impact of this victory!

Together, we stood up to Walmart and won. Just imagine how much more we can do.


Silvia Fabela
Making Change at Walmart

Youngstown, Ohio Area Local 443
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