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Taking on the Walton family
Posted On: May 17, 2014
Making Change at Walmart

One family has made a killing off of Walmart as many of the families who rely on the company struggle to survive on poverty wages.

Sam Walton’s heirs have become the 1 percent of the 1 percent by using Walmart as a family ATM. They’re worth more than $144 billion, and they rake in billions more in dividends each year. On top of that, they pay out huge bonuses to executives who haven’t earned them. Whether you’re a worker making less in a year than a Walton makes in a minute, a taxpayer forking over big subsidies and tax breaks, or an ordinary investor in Walmart, that wealth is coming at our expense.

Now, as Walmart gears up for its annual shareholders’ meeting in June, workers are heading to the homes of members of the Walton family to stage a series of dramatic actions calling out Walmart’s poverty wages, unfair maternity policies and intimidation of workers who speak out for change.

But they’re counting on us to make the actions possible.

Can you chip in $1 to help Walmart workers challenge the Walton family?

As long as the Waltons control the company’s board, they can silence anyone who doesn’t think that Walmart’s first responsibility is to make them richer. That’s why Walmart worker-shareholders are calling for real independent oversight on Walmart’s board at the company’s shareholders’ meeting next month. And we’re going to spend the next month making sure that the Waltons can’t hide from the public eye.

Workers will be taking the truth about the Walmart economy to the Waltons’ doorsteps. They want to bring something that the Waltons can’t ignore behind the gates of their mansions, so they’re going to build a wall covered in stories about what it’s like to work at Walmart. And then they’re headed to the company’s headquarters to call the Waltons out in front of thousands of investors and journalists.

Donating now will do more than just help this one action. We need to show the Walton family that the community is standing with workers for accountability. Will you pitch in now so the Waltons know we’re standing with workers?

Can the workers count on your support?

Thanks for all you do,

Jamie Way
Making Change at Walmart

Youngstown, Ohio Area Local 443
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